Do you want to decorate your home without making any major decorating mistakes? If so, then you have come to the right place. This guide will show you what steps to take to make your home look its best. Just so long as you avoid the following mistakes:

Going over the Top

There is a temptation, especially if you are working with a small space, for you to keep all of the furniture you have ever owned. You may also feel the need to decorate every nook and cranny as well. This can result in your space feeling cramped, which is the last thing you need. Instead, pare back and practice restraint. 


You may think that you are going for a minimalist design, or that you are implementing a calm and understated design. This may be true, but at the same time, you don’t want your space to feel unfinished and somewhat stark. Remember that going minimalist doesn’t mean cutting out decor entirely. Save room in your budget for the finishing touches, such as vases, textiles, candles. If you can do this then you will soon find that everything comes together nicely.

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Lining the Walls

Another thing you need to avoid doing is lining the walls with furniture.  If you place all of your furniture on the walls and then leave the center bare and empty then this will cause major issues for you. While it may seem counterintuitive, floating some of your furniture off the walls can give you the illusion of a much bigger and more layered space.

Over-Styling your Shelves

Shelving is not an invitation for you to display clutter. If you have a communal space, such as a living room then try and practice a bit of restraint here. This is especially the case when it comes to styling your shelves. Add book cluster on one shelf but then place a simple art print and a bowl on the other. 

Going All-In

Contrast is critical if you want to create a visually appealing space. When your space feels a bit too much like one style, whether it’s all classic or all farmhouse, you may find that it feels somewhat boring. Make sure that you mix it up a little. Pair a vintage chandelier with a modern geometric piece of art. Thoughtful mixing is a good thing.

Cookie-Cutter Designs are Major Decorating Mistakes

If everything within your home comes from the same brand or the same range of furniture then you may find that it feels like something that is right out of a catalog. That is the last thing that you need. The most interesting spaces tend to have a range of elements. Some of them are inherited, others are thrifted or discovered. If you can, weave in pieces from various travels.

Overhead Lighting

Don’t just focus on overhead lighting. This can create a sterile and harsh atmosphere. Instead, enjoy 2-4 additional lighting options. Mix table lamps with floor lamps. Include sconces so that you can create a welcoming ambiance. 

Major Decorating Mistakes – Skimping out on Height

Another styling mistake would be skimping out on height. If possible, you need to play around with this. Whether you are styling with a media unit or a simple corner, add tall objects where possible. This could be an oversized vase or it could be a floor lamp. Tall items can help to break up the visual monotony that comes with basic designs. You can also add low stacks of books along with vases as this creates visual interest. As a general rule, tall items are the best way for you to create a space that feels both dynamic and unique.

Major Decorating Mistakes – Hanging Artwork Too High

People often find that artwork that is hung too high, or too low can be a major issue. One common tendency that people have is that they leave a huge amount of space between artwork and furniture. This can make a piece look like it is floating rather than a part of a vignette. An easy workaround is to hang art at eye level where possible.

Not Focusing on the Size of Art

When the time comes for you to choose artwork for your home, you need to go big or go home. Artwork that is too small looks like it’s floating on a big blank wall. Make sure to fill up the space and also make sure that everything you do is intentional. You can do this by adding a few paintings together, or you can opt for a robust gallery wall.

Major Decorating Mistakes – Buying a Rug that’s Too Small

It can be tempting for you to save money and go for a small rug but this is a major mistake. When rugs become too small for a space, the room becomes automatically finished and bare. As a general rule, you need to make sure that the front legs of your furniture fit on the rug nicely. If you cannot guarantee this then you may have chosen the wrong size.

major design mistakes Source: Delightfully Sarah

Buying Matching Furniture

To avoid the vibe that comes with furniture superstores try to avoid matching everything together. Instead mix in different things. If you have a lot of circular furniture then be sure to mix in some sculptured tables or accents. 

Not Focusing on Window Treatments

Another major decorating mistake is forgetting to focus on window treatments. If you want to make sure that your space looks great then invest time and energy into choosing the right window treatments for your home. If you are going for a modern edge then opting for Roman blinds could be the way to go. If you want to go for a traditional cottage-style look then you may want to look into getting some thick curtains instead. Little things like this can bring your home together and you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

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