Behold the LUMI wine wall, easily one of the most gorgeous wine displays we’ve ever seen. The LUMI wine wall is the invention of Dale Rorabaugh of Sonoma County, California. Dale and his wife Lorraine make their own wine and wanted to find a way to repurpose retired wine barrels. Inspired by the gorgeous natural arch of the wine barrel staves, Dale thought to transform them into wall mounted wine holders. A completely harmonious upcycle, what once held wine holds wine again.

lumi wine wall

How the LUMI wine wall works

To make the LUMI wine wall, old American or French oak wine barrels are dismantled and the staves sorted according to size. The staves are then lightly sanded and finished with a special Danish oil mixture. Holes are drilled at a specific angle so that the bottles can rest comfortably while being suspended mid-air. The staves are then attached to an aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion bar by rubberized supports. The length of this bar is dependent on how many staves you’d like in your unit. Each stave holds 7 bottles but being a modular unit you can add as many staves as you want.

lumi wine wall

Then there is the LED lighting. To us this is what really sets the LUMI apart from other wine wall displays. Each stave has a Super Bright LED strip containing 24 LEDs. We really love the ambient lighting given off from the lights reflecting against the wall and creating a warm glow around the bottles.

Importantly this light source uses energy efficient Super Bright technology which saves 80% energy compared to regular Halogen lighting. The result is beautiful with the effect of turning your wine collection into an a dramatic decor feature. The staves connect electrically with either a 12V wall transformer or a 8 AA battery pack.

Want to find out more? Check out the LUMI wine wall on Kickstarter.

lumi wine wall

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