It’s time to get creative with kitchen organization! A well organized kitchen can have such a positive influence on your daily life. There are lots of awesome, upcycled storage solutions for the kitchen. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favourite kitchen organization ideas. Get inspired to get organized!

Kitchen Organization Ideas - Hanging Mason Jars

Hanging Mason Jar Storage

These hanging mason jars are brilliant! They’re a great way to utilize the space under your cabinets, and they look wicked cool. The concept here is fairly simple, attach the flat top of the mason jar to the base of your cabinet. Mason jar lids have two parts: the flat top and the rim. Place the flat top on a scrap piece of wood and make a small hole using a hammer and a nail. Then put the flat top back in the rim and drill the flat top lid to the underside of your kitchen cabinet. Twist on the bottom of the mason jar to attach it to hang.

Kitchen Organization Ideas - Hanging Mason Jars

Source: HGTV – Shannon Quimby

Hanging Fruit Basket

Kitchen organization ideas - fruit basket

This hanging fruit basket is a great way to free up space on your countertops. It’s so simple to recreate; find an old fry basket and add a vintage sign for a full-on charming effect. This fruit basket looks perfect in a kitchen corner. Hang multiple fry baskets vertically for additional storage.

Source: Knick of Time

Magazine Rack Storage

Kitchen Organization Ideas - Magazine Rack Storage

The key to kitchen organization is having a home for everything you regularly use. Pot lids and baking sheets can get so messy when left loose in drawers. Here are two great ideas for how to organize them using magazine racks. Who knew that magazine racks were so great for kitchen storage?!

Sources: Cookies Crafts and Chaos & Simple Bites

Crate Cabinets

Kitchen Organization Ideas

When it comes to kitchen storage, open shelves are trendy and functional. We love the idea of using crates as cabinets. Simple and effective.

Source: Hannashantverk

Spice Rack Crate

Kitchen Organization - Spice Rack Crate

A list of kitchen organization ideas would not be complete without a spice rack solution. This spice rack could not be easier. Vintage Coca-Cola crates already have the perfect compartments. Simply hang it up and add your spice jars.

Source: BROhaha

Bookshelf Pantry

Kitchen Organization Ideas

This bookshelf pantry has got it going on! We love the green paint on the inside and the amazing collection of glass jars! This is the perfect kitchen storage solution for those that need a pantry but don’t have one.

Source: The Elli Blog

Vegetable & Fruit Stand

Kitchen Organization Ideas

If you’re looking for even more fruit and vegetable storage then check out this blanket rack upcycle! Metal wire baskets look great in the kitchen.

Source: Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Reclaimed Wood Hanging Rack

Kitchen organization ideas

Hanging racks are ideal for pots and pans. This wall of reclaimed wooden staves is a functional and artistic take.

Source: I Love Palets

Jars for Storage

Kitchen Organization Ideas - Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jars are perfect for kitchen storage. We love how you can see exactly what is inside. Cupcake liners can get lost and messed up in drawers. A mason jar is an efficient and beautiful storage solution!

Source: Table for Two

Magnetic Knife Rack

Kitchen Organization Ideas

This magnetic knife rack is perfect for keeping knives handy but also out of the way. Make one for yourself with a piece of reclaimed wood and a forstner drill bit. This drill bit allows you to make circular holes on the back of the board without going all the way through. You can then glue in magnets to hold up your knives.

Source: eHow

Which of these kitchen organization ideas is your favourite?

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  2. So creative! I cant wait to try them and get my kitchen more organized!


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