Attention gas and petroliana fans, the humble jerry can has now been upcycled! Presenting you with jerry can luggage, the ultimate traveling accessory.

jerrycan luggage

Jerry cans were originally designed in the 1930’s in wartime Germany. Made from pressed steel, these bad boys could hold 20 litres of fuel. The jerry can was a huge improvement on it’s predecessor, which required tools for use. The British and Americans quickly copied the design. Being of German origin, the oil cans were originally called “Wehrmachtskanister”. The term jerry can came about from the slang name of “Jerry” for German soldiers in WWII.

This jerry can luggage is being sold by German design firm Ivorilla. We are confident that industrious upcyclers could create similar pieces for themselves. To make, saw down the centre of the jerry can and pick your style of closure. The Ivorilla gas cases come with either a standard zipper closure or a flip top style reminiscent of a Zippo lighter.

While this jerry can luggage might draw a bit of attention from airport security, you will always know which suitcase it yours, and the steel casing will be sure to keep your contents nice and dry.

Source: Trendhunter

jerry can luggage


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