Have you heard of Hygge before? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish way of life. It’s all about embracing warmth and coziness and enjoying simple pleasures. It’s the feeling you get when you’re curled up inside with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. That’s why winter is the most hygge time of year. Denmark has notoriously terrible winters and yet is known as one of the world’s happiest countries. The Danes are happy because of their hygge lifestyle. The good news is that anyone can practice hygge. It’s the art of well-being. It’s also easy to hygge in an upcycled way. Let’s explore how.

Hygge - The Art of Being Cozy | Upcycle That

Make a Warm Atmosphere

Hygge is all about staying warm. Create a hyggelig atmosphere by getting cozy. Think warm socks, oversized sweaters, soft blankets, and a roaring fire. Hygge is about simplifying your life. It’s about switching off technology and enjoying dinners and games with friends and family. Or, you can enjoy personal time by reading a book and enjoying a hot beverage or a treat.

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The words ‘cozy’ and ‘hug’ are the closest translation for hygge. So absolutely you should embrace comfy sweaters, socks and slippers. Have an old sweater you don’t wear anymore? Turn it into a pair of slipper socks! See more upcycled sweater ideas here.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Home Sweet Home

Embrace Nature

Hygge isn’t just about staying inside though. It’s about exploring what makes you feel open-hearted and alive. Put off the winter sads by getting bundled up and taking a walk in the forest. While you’re there you can forage for some evergreen branches. Try bringing natural elements indoors to boost your senses. We suggest working fresh and beautiful sprigs into your home decor. Reuse glass bottles and jars as vases to create a mini forest.

How to Hygge | Top Upcycling tips
Source: Sköna Hem

Here’s another lovely idea. Repurpose a pitcher as a vase! We love these sprigs of eucalyptus.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Dadaa

Hygge is all about appreciating the simple things that bring you joy. Like these berry branches. They look great in an old fish bowl – no arranging required!

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Fantastic Frank

If you prefer, you can create gorgeous branch decor like this copper and twig wall hanging. It’s easy to make and looks stunning.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Erika Rax

Here’s a hygge idea for a coffee table centerpiece. Group mason jars of different sizes. In the first one put branches. In the second one put a candle. Fill the last one with foraged pinecones.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Decor dots

Light Candles

If you ask a Danish person what the most hyggelig thing is, they’ll likely tell you candles. Candles create such a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can upcycle so many things into candles!

Here are some lovely wine glass candles.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Frankie Gusti

We like collecting old teacups to make into candles. Here’s our tutorial on How to Make Teacup Candles. This method will work for any container you want to upcycle.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Or you could combine two Hygge elements together, and bring the outdoors inside with branch candles!

To make: cut some branches and make a recessed hole for the tea light. Pop the branch candle into a glass votive for a polished look. See more tree branch decor ideas here.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Style Me Pretty

We also love these DIY candles made from old jam jars!

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Simplette DIY

Make Your House Hygge

Make your home cozy with chunky knit throws, blankets and cushions. Blanket ladders are a great decor element that will keep your blankets organized when not in use. Use an old ladder or make one from reclaimed wood.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Joyfully Growing

You can even use birch branches to make a blanket ladder!

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Liz Marie Blog

Sweater Weather

Get hygge and make a cozy nook to journal or read in. Fill it with fluffy rugs, blankets, cushions and snuggle up. We adore scatter cushions and we LOVE the idea of making them from old sweaters. Did you accidentally shrink your favorite sweater? Don’t fret, you can upcycle it into a lovely cushion cover!

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Houzz

Here’s another take on the sweater cushion which highlights the bottom of the sweater and includes a cute button.

How to Hygge | Upcycle That
Source: Country Living

How Will You Hygge This Winter?

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