Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover resin? There is often some left after mixing and pouring it, and nobody wants to waste it! Fortunately, there are some great ways you can repurpose it. Here are some of our best ideas for what to do with leftover resin.

leftover resin

1. Use It On Quick Projects

If you’re a regular resin user, you know that you have to work fast before the resin sets and becomes too thick to pour. Make use of leftover resin on small projects like rocks to seal, driftwood for covering, or for making trays and coasters. Prepare your artwork first, then create your resin mix. Use an art resin calculator to get the proper amount required for all your projects.

resin wood tray Image: Lily Ardor

2. Get Creative And Experiment

If you’ve been working with resin for a while now, you’re probably wondering what it would be like to create something unique using the medium. Resin is a versatile substance, so you can let your imagination run wild! Begin a list of things you want to make using resin and see where you end up. We love the idea of using resin to create upcycled table tops with CDs!

CD tableImage: Pinterest

3. Use Leftover Resin to Create Jewelry

Making charming DIY jewelry is among the joys of using resin. Small leftover amounts of resin are perfect for tiny pieces like rings and necklaces. With small leftover batches, you can make really lovely jewelry. We love this idea of turning gift wrap into necklaces! You can use the same technique with old maps or even fabric.

leftover resin jewelry Image: Sustain my Craft Habit

4. Resin Door Knobs

Dress up your cabinets by making funky doorknobs with resin! We love the idea of casting sequins, but you could also do leaves, fabric, or something entirely unique.

Leftover resin knobs Image: Resin Crafts Blog

5. Use Leftover Resin As a Sealant

You can repurpose small amounts of resin by using a foam brush. Leftover resin can also repair items, or create a collage. While wearing gloves, brush some on coasters and wood boards or cover a canvas. If you have an object painted with a matte finish or sanded, a thin coat of resin adds a shiny finish to the surface. If you want to go wild, you can make art with upcycled bottle caps and resin.

bottle cap art Image: Bottle Cap Portraits

6. Leftover Resin Picture Frame

There are 2 ways you can use leftover resin to make a picture frame. Either use a silicone mold, or tape around an existing frame to create a cavity to pour the resin into. Resin is the perfect material to embed other upcycled materials. We love the look of this lego picture frame!

Lego picture frame Image: Mod Podge Rocks


You only need creativity to create decorative and functional items from leftover resin. Look at this incredible staircase! Push the boundaries and experiment to find even more ways you can reuse resin! 

Resin stairs Image: Pinterest

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