What do you do with your plastic bottle caps? Do you recycle them or try to repurpose them in some way? What could this tiny keeper of bubbles possibly be upcyled into? In our first post to feature plastic bottle caps we think that Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has found not only the perfect solution, but also an aesthetically pleasing one.

decorating with plastic bottle lids

For a number of years Kostina collected plastic soft drink bottle caps until she thought she had enough to start bringing her vision to life.  One by one Kostina took the caps of equal size and nailed them down, creating all kinds of mosaic designs – much like the Ndebele house paintings – to create a dramatic and eye-catching design to guide you home. Not satisfied with just her house, Olga Kostina has taken to decorating other structures effectively adding a little cheer – and a kitten – to the very rural Russian village in the Siberian Tiaga.


Source: My Modern Met

2 Thoughts on Home Décor with 30,000 Plastic Bottle Caps

  1. It is very cool! also – is very useful – keeps the house warmer!

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