Halloween is almost here! Do you know what you are going to dress up as? If not no worries, we’ve rounded up our top Halloween costume ideas! These upcycled Halloween costumes ideas are fun and unique. The best part is they use materials that are easy to get ahold of. Make one for yourself or make them for the whole family!

Halloween Costume Idea - Laundry Room

Laundry Room Costume

We LOVE this family dressed up like a laundry room! This is a great Halloween costume idea using boxes. To make your washer and dryer, cut a cardboard box to size and paint it white. Then cut out arm and head holes. Find bottle caps and deli trays to use for the knobs and washer/dryer window. Add stickers to the control panel. Add clothing and old detergent bottles for accessories. To make the laundry basket costume, cut a hole in an old laundry basket (look for one at a thrift store). Add suspenders to hold it up. Use clothing and a detergent scoop to finish the look!

Source: inhabitots

Bat Costume

Halloween Costume Idea - Bat

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, this bat costume is awesome! It reuses an old umbrella and a black hooded sweatshirt. Unscrew the top of the umbrella. Use pliers to dissemble the metal umbrella ribs until you have only the necessary parts remaining. Split the umbrella fabric in half down the seam. Starting at the armpits, sew or pin the 2 umbrella halves onto the sweatshirt sleeves. Use extra umbrella fabric and ribs to make bat ears. Attach these to the sweatshirt hood.

Source: Evil Mad Scientist

Scuba Diver Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - Scuba Diver

This scuba diver is such an adorable Halloween costume idea! It uses 3 plastic bottles. 1 for the mouth regulator and 2 for the air tanks. You could also use just 1 bottle in the back if you prefer. To make, cut the top section off of one bottle and spray paint this and your other bottles as well as some kitchen sponges silver. Let them dry completely. Use a backpack or make a harness and belt using nylon straps. Glue your bottles together and attach them to the backpack/harness. Attach your sponge weights to the belt. Hot glue tubes to the air tanks. Cut flippers out of craft foam and attach to shoes with velcro strips. Add swim googles and a headband to complete the scuba diver costume!

Source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Samurai Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - Samurai

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, you are only limited by your creativity. This samurai costume is a great example of what can be made with cardboard. The armour on the body, arms, legs and skirt are all made from cardboard. Just peel one side away to get that awesome corrugated effect! Cut out strips, paint them and add some coloured tape for the details. This origami helmet was made from an old calendar!

Source: instructables

Sock Monkey Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - Sock Monkey

This sock monkey costume is beyond cute! It was made from an old thrift store men’s sweater. This is a great Halloween costume idea for those with a bit of sewing prowess. You can use a child-sized shirt and pants for the sewing pattern. Use some felt to add the sock monkey rear details. Make the tail by cutting and sewing a rectangular piece of sweater. Add stuffing to give it that stuffed animal look. Add white socks over shoes and white socks (or mittens) for gloves. This upcycler already had her sock monkey hat. You could also get creative and try making your own.

Source: Homemade Ginger

Are you going to make any of these Halloween costume ideas?

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