As the world is shifting to e-book creators, it’s left us wondering what to do with old books that are falling apart, yellowing, and fragile? Sounds like the perfect material to use for creating Halloween book page decor. With a retired book, a printer and some vintage clip art you too can create awesome spooky decorations. Plus we’ll show you how to make this sweet Trick or Treat Halloween bunting!

halloween book page decorations

Halloween book page decor is easy to make. Gather the necessary supplies: an old book, a scrap piece of computer paper, tape, your computer and a printer.

Halloween book page decor

Importantly, figure out which way your printer feeds paper. Then label the scrap piece of computer paper you are using with bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. This will help you align the direction of the book paper correctly.

Halloween book page decor

Eyeball the placement of your clipart on the word document and align your book page on the scrap paper accordingly. Tape your book page down onto the scrap paper.

halloween book page decor

For our printer, the side facing down in the paper tray is the side that gets printed on. So we placed our book page paper side down in the printer tray.

halloween book decor

To make the Trick or Treat book page bunting we followed the same method of printing as with the Halloween book page decor. The spooky font we used is called Danzig. Click here to download it for free. We used one letter per book page and size 350 font. You can also use Pixelied’s vast collection of fonts without downloading them on your computer.

To make our book page bunting we tore the bottom and side edges of our printed book paper and then hot glue gunned a ribbon along the top. The easiest way to do this is to lay out your book pages according to the spacing you want each letter/word to have. Then glue one page at a time onto your ribbon. The ribbon we used is 2 metres long.

halloween book page decor

We hung our book page bunting and Halloween book page decor on our gallery grid wall. You could also display your Halloween book page decor by framing the pages, tucking them against a mirror or sticking them in a glass jar.

halloween book page decor

The vintage clipart we used is from The Graphic Fairy. Here are some of our favourite Halloween images:

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  1. I like it! I wish I would of seen before Halloween but I’m gonna try it out soon anyway!


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