It seems like most people could do with some extra storage. That’s why we were so excited to find not just 1, but 2 ways to pull off a functional filing cabinet upcycle. Whether you’re after more counter space for your kitchen, or increased storage for your bedroom, an old filing cabinet can do just the trick. You’re just a few steps away from extra storage space. Presenting to you filing cabinet upcycle – 2 ways!

filing cabinet upcycle

Let’s start off by looking at this filing cabinet turned rolling kitchen cart. Who among us wouldn’t like more counter space and storage in the kitchen? Add on top of that easy access to kitchen utensils, towels and extra storage for spices and appliances, and this filing cabinet upcycle really has it all.

Here’s how you make a rolling kitchen cart:

1. Find an old filing cabinet. You’re going to be painting it so the colour doesn’t matter. We do recommend checking that the drawers are in working order and there are no major dents.

2. Wipe your filing cabinet down and remove the drawers. Take out any removable hardware (like drawers pulls) and cover anything that can’t be taken off.

3. Spray your filing cabinet casing and drawers with primer and then cover in 2 coats in a spray paint colour of your choice.

4. Next you’ll be adding the rolling caster wheels. Drill holes for the caster screws and then affix your wheels to the base of the cabinet.

5. Drill and attach your utensil and towel racks.

5. To add the cutting board to the top, first place the board and then mark where the screws will need to go. You’re then going to drill 1/16″ pilot holes and attach the screws from the underside of the cabinet. You can use washers to prevent the screws from going through the cutting board.

6. You’re now good to go, put your drawers back in and hang your utensils with S-hooks.

Or, would you prefer a beautiful bedside table instead?

Here’s how to make a bedside table filing cabinet upcycle:

1. Metallic accents are big in home decor at the moment. To achieve the look of this bedside table don’t hide it with paint. Rather let that metallic hue take centre stage by sanding the cabinet down to reveal the bare metal underneath.

2. Then build a wooden base for your cabinet to give it a more bedroom appropriate look.

3. Paint the handles gold to bring warmth to the piece.

There you have it, 2 new ways to work a filing cabinet upcycle.

Rolling kitchen cart – Curbly
Bedside table – Kara Paslay Designs

8 Thoughts on Filing Cabinet Upcycle – 2 ways!

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  2. I am new to do you put on casters and racks and still make drawers functional..seems like the screws would limit the use?

  3. Hi Dianne, if the cabinet bottom is not solid, use a piece of scrap wood under the ledges.

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