Eco-friendly dorm living can save you cash. Upcycling means more dollars in your pocket and it’s also environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win for students and the planet!

Eco-friendly Dorm Desk

The most important piece of furniture for students is a desk. You can easily upcycle a door into a desk by adding hairpin legs and a glass top. This is the perfect place to study and write essays on topics like how we can best collaborate to address environmental challenges. Pro tip: well-written teamwork essay examples provide practical tips and real-world scenarios. They show how individuals can work together effectively to promote sustainable practices. This can foster a greener, more sustainable future for our society.

eco-friendly dorm desk Source: Do Dodson Designs

Secret Stash Books

What do you do with your books? Instead of letting those old books just sit there gathering dust, why not give them a new lease on life? You can turn them into cool and useful stash spots. Here is how: hollow out the pages to make a secret storage spot for your little treasures. Or, if you’re feeling artsy, you can paint the covers and add some cool stenciled designs to make them into awesome wall art.

stash bookSource: Miss Vicky Viola

Eco-friendly Dorm DIY Corkboard

Please, stop throwing away those wine corks from your dorm parties. Instead, use them to make a cool DIY corkboard. It’s pretty simple and can be done once you have a free evening. Buy a framed art piece from the thrift store and glue the corks on top. Now you’ve got a sweet bulletin board for all your notes and reminders.

eco-friendly dorm cork board Source: Jonathan Fong on eHow

Whiteboard Binders

Another great eco-friendly dorm idea is to turn binders into mini whiteboards. Just slide some blank paper into those clear sleeves and use dry-erase markers for notes, to-dos and doodles.

Greenhouse Made out of a CD Case

Grab some old-school CDs from a garage sale and turn those empty CD jewel cases into mini greenhouses for growing small plants or herbs in your dorm room. The see-through plastic is perfect for baby plants, and you can stack them to save space.

Sweater Pillow Covers

How often do you buy new clothes? And what about sweaters? If you’ve got some old sweaters lying around, turn them into super comfy pillow covers. Just cut some squares or rectangles out of your sweaters, sew the edges, and slip them over your throw pillows to give your dorm decor a coxy and trendy upgrade. Look here for more sweater upcycle ideas.

eco-friendly dorm cushions

T-Shirt Tote Bags

You also must have old or oversized T-shirts. And the good news is that they can be turned into cool reusable tote bags. Just chop off the sleeves and neck, then sew or tie up the bottom hem. These tote bags are great for lugging around groceries or books.

Keyboard Key Magnets

As you student you might have a lot of old key sets: from your previous room, main door, old parents’ home, etc. But how to arrange them in an organized way? Salvage old computer keyboards, remove the keys, and glue magnets to the backs. You’ll have a set of unique keyboard key magnets for hanging stuff. Put notes, photos, or reminders on your mini-fridge or metal surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Dorm – Final Thoughts

Our planet is changing so rapidly and it requires our support. We must take care of the  environment if we don’t want the situation to become even worse in the next few years. How to do it? We all can start with sustainable living. As a student, you can do upcycling in your dorm and inspire others to do the same. Use these tips and enjoy your contribution to society’s overall well-being.

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