We can think of lots of reasons to want a drum table. The cool factor alone is profound. Imagine what friends and family will say when they notice this in your living room. The impact will double when you turn the lights on. That’s right, this drum table lights up.

drum table

We love upcycled furniture. Especially upcycled furniture involving musical instruments. This epic drum table by Tim of kara paslay designs may look daunting, but is actually relatively simple to make. The first step of course is to source a drum. Once you’ve found one check to see if you can remove the outside laminate. To do this unscrew the metal hardware from the kit. This particular drum only had the laminate glued on at the seams. If the laminate won’t peel off don’t worry, you can leave the drum as is or paint on top of it.

If you’ve removed the laminate piece then clean the glue left behind on the wood of the drum using sand paper and paint thinner. Now stain the wooden exterior of the drum and allow it to dry.

A drum table with lights

The fact that this drum table has lights boggles our minds. This wicked effect is achieved by affixing a push button switch onto battery powered Christmas lights. To do this cut and strip the lights in between the battery pack and first bulb. Splice the push button switch here and secure the leads with wire nuts.

drum table lighting

You want the lights to be on the inside of the kit and the push switch to extrude for ease of use. So place your switch through an air hole, enlarging the air hole if you need to. Now secure the lights to the inside of the drum and add a piece of rice paper to the top of the kit. This will diffuse the light and hide individual lights from showing.

drum table lit up

To finish your drum table put all the metal hardware back on the kit. Add your glass top and rock out!

Source: kara paslay designs


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