Have you heard of drum pendant lighting? This upcycle idea uses an actual drum for the shade! Rockstars take note, this drum light is totally diy-able! Read on for the tutorial.

Drum Light DIY

In order to make yourself a drum light you will need:

  • A used Tom drum
  • Piece of scrap wood
  • 4 nails
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Pendant light kit
  • Light canopy

The first thing you will want to do is find yourself a used Tom drum. Check your local thrift shop, online classifieds or even check around at pawn shops. If you’re stuck, you should be able to find one on Ebay. Choose the size of drum based on your space. This one is 12″  tall and 10″ wide.

In order to make your drum light you are going to add a strip of wood to the inside of the drum. This is what your light fixture will thread through. First unscrew the chrome rings holding the top and base of the drum together. Now cut a strip of wood to fit straight across the inside of the drum. Pre-drill 2 small holes on either side of the drum frame. Hammer them into the piece of wood to secure.

drum light

With the strip of wood in place, the next thing to do is create a slot. This is where you will thread the light fixture for your drum light. Drum kits have a clamp on one side where they attach to the drum kit. This means that one side of the drum is heavier. In order to hang your drum straight, you will need to be able to slide the light fixture around to find the balance point. To make the slot, first drill 3 holes roughly the diameter of the piece you will be threading through. Then use a jigsaw to turn these 3 holes into a slot.

drum light

Take your pendant light kit and thread the fixture through the slot. Add a light bulb. Flip your drum over and replace the chrome ring and the head of the drum (the part you play). When you hang your drum light you will want the top open, and the drum head will now be at the bottom of the drum pendant light. Now you can hardwire your new drum light to the ceiling and add a light canopy to hide the wires. Voila you now have a drum light!

Drum Light

Source: Makely

2 Thoughts on Drum Light

  1. Thanks for the tutelage. A friend gave me a 15 inch tom that was in pretty rough shape. After removing all of the hardware, I pealed the original wrap from the drum and ordered a new wrap from the Bum Wrap Drum Company. I used your method with a few minor adjustments. Now the unattractive light that used to hang over my kitchen table is now a beautiful wood-grain drum. I love it! Thanks for posting this! I own a small home in Northern Michigan. After several treacherous years of trying to negotiate love, life and marriage I have finally settled down as an unmarried person in a place I can finally call my own. I have always wanted a musical themed motif. Thanks to you my ideas are running wild.

  2. Great tutorial and pics. Thank you very much!


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