Drawstring bags are both fashionable and functional. They are essentially dressed up backpacks! We are loving these upcycled drawstring bags by lilidili. lilidili is the small business of Hungarian upcycler Lili. The lilidili drawstring bags are upcycled from old tablecloths, bedsheets and clothing.

drawstring bags

In Hungarian lilidili means: Lili is crazy! It’s not meant in an negative way, but rather has to do with being original and free. All of the lilidili drawstring bags are unique. The upcycled backpacks are stylish and have what Lili calls a ‘gypsy touch’. Lili travels a lot and makes her drawstring bags from various reusable fabric she finds along the way.

drawstring bags

The materials Lili uses come from family, friends, flea markets, bazars and second hand shops. They were once table cloths, curtains, bed linen, clothing and scarfs. Lili has always liked to re-use as much as possible. The lilidili bags are completely upcycled. Sustainability is a major factor for Lili:

There are so many great fabrics all around us already, why would we produce more and keep exploiting our resources?

drawstring bags

Lili also loves that her creations have had a previous life and use. She feels like it gives her bags more soul. Creating the bags is a form of exploration for Lili, she has also started experimenting with other designs such as an environmentally-friendly travel cutlery kit.

travel cutlery kit

Lili taught herself how to sew and so finds creating the bags a learning experience. She takes her time with each piece and thinks beforehand about the style she wants to create. Often the end result is completely differently from how she initially imagined it.

drawstring bags

The lilidili drawstring bags are an awesome example of fun and creative fabric upcycling! Lili’s advice to aspiring upcyclers is to be flexible and not too strict about sticking to a plan. Otherwise you might get frustrated and quit before finishing something great! We think that is great advice.

drawstring bags

Source: lilidili

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