We love a good upcycled Kickstarter and this doorbell phone is just genius. It’s a wireless doorbell mechanism that turns an old rotary phone into a doorbell. The rotary phone rings when someone presses on your doorbell! Read on to find out how this fun upcycle works.

doorbell phone

The doorbell phone was created by Robomotive Laboratories. Robomotive Labroratories founder Brett Pipitone created the prototype when he cancelled his family’s landline. He developed the doorbell phone as he didn’t want their antique rotary phone to go to waste.

The doorbell phone transforms a wired analog phone into a doorbell phone.

The basic package consists of:

  1. A wireless doorbell button
  2. A doorbell module
  3. A power adaptor

This is everything you need to upcycle your old rotary phone into a doorbell phone. The doorbell button is battery operated for easy installation. Simply mount the doorbell button, plug the phone into the module and the module into a power socket and you’re ready to go!

doorbell phone

We love the creative concept behind this Kickstarter project. We also think it’s a brilliant and functional reuse for rotary phones that are just too cool to part with. The doorbell phone breathes new life into old technology. Check out their Kickstarter video below.

The doorbell phone also has some cool features. For instance, you can take the phone off the hook if you don’t want to be disturbed!

Robomotive Labs have also thought of a solution if you have more than 1 door that needs a doorbell. The multi-button package will rings one rotary phone with 2 doorbell buttons. The first button will ring with a standard U.S. ringtone, and the second a standard U.K. ringtone. That way you’ll know which door the ring is coming from. How cool is that?!

The doorbell phone is a current Kickstarter project seeking funding. Be sure to check them out if you want to turn your old rotary phone into a doorbell!

Source: Rotary phone doorbell on Kickstarter

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  1. I find that every time I arrive with your upcycling ideas I get nicely intrigued…
    You are doing great things! I am proud of you guys and gals who are committed to this.. God bless, you to the Believers and to the atheists, right on…

  2. Great idea – also supply a kit that has a phone … for those who haven’t !!

  3. Brilliant idea!

  4. Haha, it’s really creative! Gives old phones new life.

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  6. Where do i buy this rotary phone as doorbell kit??? 😊


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