Happy New Year Upcyclers! It’s 2018 and we are ready for it. A DIY calendar will help make 2018 your best and most productive year yet. Here’s a roundup of our top 10 favourite ideas. Use what you already have and make an awesome calendar to kick off the year!

DIY Calendar #1 – Chalkboard Window

DIY Calendar - Chalkboard Window

This chalkboard calendar is EPIC! It was made from an old window frame and really speaks for itself. The key to this project is finding the right window. Once you’ve got it, spray a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and add it to the back.

Source: Thistlewood Farms

DIY Calendar #2 – Berry Basket

DIY Calendar - Berry Basket

This berry basket calendar is the sweetest. It’s got such a lovely nostalgic feel to it. Postcards separate the months and index cards are used for each day. Stamp the top of the cards with the date. This daily calendar would be perfect for journaling!

Source: Design Sponge

DIY Calendar #3 – Monthly Paint Chip Calendar

DIY Calendar - Paint Chip Calendar

The paint chip calendar is a classic monthly calendar idea. We like this framed version because you can wipe off the glass and start each month off fresh!

DIY Calendar - Paint Chip Calendar

Sources: Her Campus & Epic Everday

DIY Calendar #4 – Pants Hanger

DIY Calendar - Pants Hanger Calendar

This vintage pants hanger calendar is simple and yet effective. Print out a calendar template you like or create your own.

Source: Tomfo

DIY Calendar #5 – Bicycle Wheel

DIY Calendar - Bicycle Wheel

This bicycle wheel calendar is a really creative way to plan out your week. Paint a piece of plywood and cut it into triangle wedges. Attach these to the spokes and use a chalkboard market to diarize your activities. The best part? The wheel actually spins!

Source: Thistlewood Farm

DIY Calendar #6 – Box Calendar

DIY Calendar - Box Calendar

Here’s another take on a daily calendar. This one uses an old cigar box. We love the old school label maker used for the months!

Source: Relleo Mein

DIY Calendar #7 – Weekly Paint Chip Calendar

DIY Calendar - Paint Chip Calendar

Love the paint chip calendar but more of a weekly calendar person? Here’s an idea for you!

Source: Wonderwood

DIY Calendar #8 – Flag-Shaped Calendar

DIY Calendar - Pant Hanger Calendar

Vintage pants hangers really do work well for hanging calendars. We love the flag-shaped variation on this monthly calendar idea.

Source: The Merrythought

DIY Calendar #9 – Shadow Box Calendar

DIY Calendar - Shadow Box Calendar

This shadow box calendar is perfect for your desk. Find a small box that’s a size you like and add some pretty paper to the back. 3 hooks hold the days in place. You can reuse saved paper to make the day tags.

Source: Brico Bistro

DIY Calendar #10 – Chalkboard Mirror Calendar

DIY Calendar - Thrift Store Calendar

Transform a thrift store mirror into chalkboard calendar! We love this calendar idea because it’s so simple. This is a great project for beginner upcyclers and yet still looks super awesome.

Source: Within The Grove

Which of these ideas is your favourite?

2 Thoughts on DIY Calendar

  1. Love all this stuff! Judy, your father told me about your business, and I’m now loving looking through your site. For something like the paint-chip calendar, do you sell them? I see that I could make one myself, but I’d rather support you doing it for me! Does it work that way?
    Eleanor Boyle; eleanorboyle@gmail.com

    • Hi Eleanor, thanks so much for the positive feedback! I do commissions as well so if you’d like a paint chip calendars I’d be happy to make one for you 🙂 I’ll get your number from my dad and give you a call.


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