Who among us doesn’t love dinosaurs? Here at Upcycle That we have a lot of love for prehistoric creatures and dinosaur toys. Therefore we were thrilled to find an easy way to upcycle a dinosaur toy into a dinosaur toothbrush holder. Moments later we stumbled upon a dinosaur serving dish. So we have decided to share both. Without further ado, presenting 2 delightful ways to upcycle your dinosaur toys.

dinosaur toothbrush holder

How to make a dinosaur toothbrush holder

Let’s start with the dinosaur toothbrush holder. This is super easy to make. To make your own dinosaur toothbrush holder simply take a hollow, plastic dinosaur toy and cut a hole at both the top and bottom. This will allow the toothbrush to rest securely and water to drain out the bottom. A simple kitchen paring knife will work just fine. If you’d like to, add another pair of holes for a second toothbrush. Alternatively you could have different dinosaurs for each toothbrush. So easy and fun.

How to make a dinosaur serving dish

Now for the dinosaur serving dish. This is also a fun and easy upcycle. To make your dinosaur serving dish first spray paint your dinosaur. Be sure to spray from all angles and coat thoroughly. Now allow your dinosaur to dry. Once dry the next step is to cut the head off your dinosaur. Ā Depending on the thickness of your dinosaur toy, you could do this with either a knife or a saw. We recommend cutting just above the dinosaurs shoulders. Now smooth the edges of the cut with sandpaper. Then take your sandpaper and rough up the top and bottom of the melamine plate you are using. Do this at the spot where the dinosaur will be adhered. With strong adhesive, glue the plate on top of the shoulders of the dinosaur. Then glue the top of the dinosaur head to the top of the melamine plate. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. You will now have an awesome dinosaur serving dish.

dinosaur serving dish

Dinosaur toothbrush – All this for them
Dinosaur serving dish – Three Little Monkeys Studio

8 Thoughts on Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder & Dinosaur Serving Dish

  1. awesome!!

  2. Sooo cute!

  3. I love your website- this stuff is so cute!

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  5. Tip: Make sure you ask you child if it’s okay to cut up their dino first. Believe me. I learned this first-hand. http://youtu.be/HGPDkSaUKHQ

    • Oh shame! Hope he forgave you and now loves his dinosaur toothbrush holder

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