When it comes to creating and cherishing timeless memories we need to make sure that we make the most of it. It’s easy to let things pass and not appreciate them in the moment. Time goes fast and before you know it, it could be ten years down the line. When special situations arise, we have to cherish them and do what we can to preserve their special nature. 

Fortunately, there are so many things we can do in this life to appreciate special times and not take them for granted. It’s about staying present. If you are curious, here are a few options: 

Being Present And Savoring The Moment

It’s so easy to not think about the current situation you’re in. This kind of thing usually happens daily when you are on autopilot. You might think about things in the future or be plagued by something in the past. Being present is so key in life. When you finally get a vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to be in, you have to make sure that you aren’t taking it for granted, and that you are fully in the present. It can be quite difficult to do when your brain is used to certain behaviors, but it is certainly something you should consider working on. 

Photography And Creating and Cherishing Timeless Memories

Taking in experiences, and remembering them forever, is a wonderful feeling. The idea of capturing everything on a device can somewhat take away the special nature. It is a good idea to photograph and film certain aspects, however. There may be particular aspects that you forget about or will not be able to explain very well. Even catching something on your phone could be extremely helpful years down the line. 

Upcycling Memories

When you get home from your trip it can be fun to create places to store your travel memories. We love the idea of creating shadow boxes. These feature photos of the experience and some corresponding mementos, like shells.

shadow box - create and cherish memories

Another idea to store mementos is using a printer’s tray or box shelf to display them all.

creating and cherishing memories

Another great way to incorporate travel memories into your decor is to create travel boxes.

travel boxes

The Timeless Power Of Journaling 

Much like capturing photographs, journalling can make things more impactful. Writing down certain entries can be an extremely cathartic experience, of course. It’s also great for times when you want to look back on things. You’ll be able to describe and illustrate things exactly, and you will be able to almost go back to that time emotionally. You could even use particular apps and software to illustrate in this day and age. Many people feel that its so soothing to illustrate my trek’s moments of serenity, with watercolor painting in my digital travel journal right when you wish. Not everybody remembers to keep a journal, but everybody who does knows it’s worth it.

Building Traditions And Rituals

A very good idea for cherishing and creating timeless memories is to make them into traditions. Sure, it may take away the special nature and uniqueness in some areas, but you should always do things that you love, and you shouldn’t treat them as though they are something you will never get to experience ever again. For instance, if you truly love a place, why not visit it annually?

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