It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! This time of year we love making holiday crafts. Are you looking for some awesome holiday crafts? We’ve got you covered. Cork ornaments are perfect for the holidays. Wine corks are such a fabulous upcycled material for crafting. They are so readily available and easy to work with! Here’s are some awesome cork ornament ideas.

cork ornaments - gnomes

Gnome Cork Ornaments

These cork gnomes are ridiculously sweet. Let’s be real though, when are gnomes not cute?! We love them as cork ornaments. To make this upcycled craft, first gather some champagne corks (hello holiday parties!), then cut craft felt to make the clothing, hats, hair, moustaches, beards and eyebrows. Glue them on with a hot glue gun and use acrylic paint to dot on the eyes and cheeks. Make a loop with nylon thread to hang them on your tree.

cork ornaments - gnomes

Source: Whimsy Love

Penguin Cork Ornaments

cork ornaments - penguins

Let’s get serious for a minute, are penguins the most adorable cold water animal? We think they just might be. Add a scarf to a penguin and it’s undeniable. So sweet and also so simple to make. Twist some craft wire to make loops and stick them into the top of your champagne corks. Paint the corks black, allow to try and then paint on the white part. Cut brightly coloured felt into scarves and nip the ends into tassels. Hot glue to the penguins and then dot on the eyes and beaks with paint or Sharpies.

cork ornaments - penguins

Source: Red Ted Art

Rocking Horse Cork Ornament

Cork ornament - rocking horse

Rocking horse cork ornaments are the perfect nostalgic Christmas nod. Back in the day rocking horses were a very popular Christmas gift for children. This cork ornament is simple to make. Cut your corks into pieces and glue them together. Try this pro tip: boil your corks for about 10 minutes first to stop them from crumbling when you cut into them. Use craft scraps for the mane and tail and felt for the ears. Mini pom poms are great for the eyes or draw/paint them on. A popsicle stick is perfect for the base. Make a loop to hang this sweet cork ornament on your tree.

Source: Awefull Ornaments

Owl Cork Ornaments

Cork ornaments - owls

We love owls! These cork owls are pretty simple. Cut your wine corks to make them shorter. (Try boiling the corks first so they don’t crumble). Then cut the face, wings, beak and eyes from craft felt. Glue the felt pieces onto the corks and add beads for the pupils. Add loops or craft wire to hang them as ornaments.

Source: Lia Griffith

Which of these cork ornaments is your favourite?

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