In the last 50 years the world has seen technology advance at a rapid pace, from “Blockia” cell phones to razor thin smart phones. Where there was once super computers the size of buildings, we now have envelope thin laptops and tablets. But as we upgrade, what happens to the computer components of obsolete technology?

Franco Recchia's Computer Cities

Italian welder and artist Franco Recchia takes these discarded machine innards and transforms them into works of art. In true upcycling style, Recchia leaves no motherboard, hard drive or scrap metal unturned, he rescues parts from the scrap metal yard and wields his soldering iron to create modern cityscapes reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s cult classic, Metropolis.

Recchia painstakingly solders the circuit boards to a solid surface with the same meticulousness employed in their making, giving them a new purpose and alternative function. Let’s face it, some of you – you know who you are – still have those beige boxes and CRT monitors hanging around. So before you get rid of them, why not try and create your own cityscape?

Source: My Modern Met

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  1. as recycled scrap computer memory is worth about $9 per pound.


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