We’re back from South Africa and brought some special upcycled treasures. We are thrilled to have RUBY in our Cape Town Collection! The RUBY coin necklace collection line features vintage coins that have been repurposed into eye-catching jewellery.

coin necklace
 RUBY is a gorgeous, ethical fashion brand with sustainability at it’s core. It was founded by Robyn Lidsky in Cape Town, South Africa.

Robyn Lidsky, RUBY
Robyn has always been an avid upcycler. She finds her inspiration from the material she works with. In 2011 she did a show for South Africa Fashion Week called “Waste Not, Want Not“. The collection featured underwires and bra cups made redundant by local lingerie producers. These were repurposed into earrings and mermaid’s tails! Since then, RUBY has integrated upcycling into their hand-crafted jewelry line – for example by using old coins!

RUBY has had a love affair with the majesty of old coins for some time.

Coins are a carefully designed piece of history that tell tales of forgotten rulers, vanquished empires, famous events, and nostalgic walks to the sweet shop with your first pocket money.

All the coins used in RUBY’s unique coin necklace collection are discontinued coins that have been carefully selected based on their engraving detail, typography and design aesthetic. The RUBY coin necklace collection is handmade in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

coin necklace creation

RUBY’s latest collection of upcycled coin necklaces are gorgeous for dressing up or down. The double coin necklaces come as sets of 2 necklaces for the price of 1! Each of these stunning, vintage coin pendants hangs on it’s own chain, so you can layer them, wear them separately or style with your other pieces.

Modern day talismans such as healing crystals and fossilized shark’s teeth have been integrated with the coin necklaces. We especially love the beautiful Megalodon shark’s tooth fossil. It is from an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 28 million years ago, and grew up to 20m (67 ft) long!

coin necklace

The bullet crystal pendant is also a special piece in the collection. It uses a repurposed bullet shell with a gorgeous Druzy spirit quartz crystal wand. The Druzy spirit quartz has only ever been found in one place in the planet. You guess it – it’s in South Africa!

Druzy spirit quartz bullet crystal necklace

The coin necklace collection also includes gorgeous heart coin bracelets and necklaces. These coins are personally selected for their individual beauty then hand-cut into a heart shape.

Coin necklace

Coin neclace

Which upcycled coin necklace is your favourite? We have launched a giveaway on our social channels. Click on the image below to enter.

Coin Necklace Giveaway

Special thanks to Amanda Webb of Webby pics for taking the gorgeous coin necklace shoot images!

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