We’ve seen coffee leaf art before, but this is our first time seeing the coffee on the leaf and not the other way round! This inspiring new medium is brought to us by Ghidaq al-Nizar, an Indonesian upcycler who used to be a latte artist. Al-Nizar uses the remnants of his morning coffee to create gorgeous coffee watercolours.

Coffee leaf art | Upcycle That

Ghidaq al-Nizar has created a new hashtag for his coffee leaf art, it’s #zerowastecoffee. Aside from using the remnants of his morning coffee as paint, Al-Nizar also likes to use his coffee grinds. This allows him to create textured illustrations which he then photographs for his Instagram page.

Disney Coffee Art

By repurposing used materials like coffee grinds and dried leaves, Ghidaq al-Nizar’s upcycled art tells the story of creating life through death.

Coffee grind art

We love the sepia tones that Ghidaq al-Nizar creates with his creative coffee leaf art. For him the medium is a comfortable one.

I love intimacy. I feel it with coffee and It’s fun to have fun with something you love. So I can’t find any better medium to celebrate my feelings. Artists have to feel when they do something, and I think it applies for everyone. I have tried to paint using other media but [I didn’t have any feelings for them]. If you can’t feel it, you will leave it.

Coffee leaf art

We love the unexpected use of coffee grinds and leaves to make upcycled coffee art. We also love that Ghidaq al-Nizar uses a combination of paint brushes, his handprints, as well as thumbprints to create some of his pieces.

Coffee thumb print art

coffee art

coffee leaf art

coffee art

We can’t wait to see more of Ghidaq al-Nizar’s coffee and coffee leaf art creations!

coffee art

Source: Ghidaq al-Nizar on Instagram – Coffeetopia

3 Thoughts on Coffee Leaf Art

  1. that is endearingly beautiful…how classic!

  2. I also loved how you treated the coffee like watercolor…brilliant!

  3. Blown away by the great use of coffee grounds, leaves and most of all your creativity. Best wishes in your art career.


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