Often, when browsing the internet to look for ideas and inspiration for an upcycling or DIY project, it can be more than a little frustrating when you cannot seem to find anything that truly stretches your creative muscles.

So, with that being said, as long as you are well-versed in upcycling and, indeed, enjoy tackling a trickier project, then this article is for you. Here are four fantastic upcycling projects for experienced DIYers.

1.  Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a project to really get your teeth into, then upcycling your kitchen cabinets is for you. This is a high-risk task because, should you make a significant mistake, it could severely impact the aesthetics of the entire room.

However, when done right the results can be astounding. Look at this incredible before and after!


afterSource: a piece of rainbow

Naturally, upcycled cabinets will always shine when paired with updates to other kitchen elements, namely when you take inspiration from beautifully decorated porcelain tiles and decorative, antique-chic utensil storage.

2.  Stencil Artwork

For a more artistic and crafty upcycling project, the second suggestion is to create a feature wall. For this project, use several different styles and shapes of stencils to create a beautiful focal wall.

challenging DIY projects - stencil wall Source: Charlotte Magazine

If you are particularly artistic, then take a look at websites such as Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration on where to start.

3.  Weatherproof Dresser Drawers

The next time you decide to replace your old bedside cabinet, instead of taking the old dresser to a charity shop or your local tip, upcycle them instead.

One fabulous use for these drawers is to repurpose them into a planter. There are two ways to add plants to tour bedside drawers.  Either turn the drawer into a planter bed by filling it with soil, or use the drawers to house planter pots. The first option allows you to turn the dresser into a self-watering planter, as the water will trickle down from drawer to drawer. In order to do this, make sure to paint the unit with waterproof paint (low in VOCs of course).

dresser planter Source: Darling and Dapper Life

4.  Turn Your Old Bed into a Garden Bench

The fourth and final suggestion for an advanced upcycling DIY project is to turn an old door into a brand-new, unique, and eye-catching garden bench.

First cut a door in half horizontally where the panels of the doors are divided so you have 1 long panel and 2 short panels. Then cut the long panel vertically. These parts will be the back and seat. Use 2×4’s to make the seat panel and ribs. Assemble these parts and affix them and add the sides. Add arm rests to complete the look.

Door bench

Source: Thistlewood Farms

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