Who doesn’t love a great notebook!? This wicked little DIY from Creme de la Craft shows you how to make gorgeous notebooks from cardboard cereal boxes!

Creme de la Craft says this DIY was inspired by her favourite Moleskin notebooks. Here at Upcycle That we think that we’ll never recycle another cereal box again. All will be upcycled into notebooks forevermore! Friends and family please pretend to be pleasantly surprised by all future gifts.

To make:

  1. Cut the cereal box to create your cover.
  2. Fold it blank side out.
  3. Sew a button to the front and leave a 20″ piece hanging. This will be the thread that you wrap around the notebook to close it.
  4. Glue a blank piece of paper to the inside of the box to cover the images.
  5. Grab your the paper that will go inside and trim it to be smaller than the cover.
  6. Stitch the paper down the spine with needle and thread.
  7. Attach a decorative piece of paper to the outside spine and voila, you’re done!

Such an easy and fun DIY!

Source: Creme de la Craft

6 Thoughts on Cereal Box Notebooks

  1. This looks super fun! I’m going to start the project today. What kind of glue did you use?

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  4. Love recycling!Great idea…keep em coming!

  5. It’s a very good! I love it!


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