Halloween is almost upon us! To celebrate we’ve got a roundup of our favourite upcycled cardboard Halloween decor ideas. Read on if you’re looking to add a bit more spook factor to your house.

cardboard halloween decor

Cardboard Halloween decor is perfect for adding a last minute touch of festivity to your home. To begin with, cardboard is such a readily available material. Thin cardboard can be found in the form of used cereal boxes. Thicker cardboard boxes are often available for free at your local grocery store. We also love cardboard Halloween decor because it is so versatile! Check out all the amazing spooktacular decorations you can make.


cardboard halloween decor

Silhouettes make for awesome cardboard Halloween decor! Simply cut some spooky shapes out of cardboard and paint them black. Put them up on the inside of your window and put lights on in the room. To maximize the effect, add some tissue paper behind your cardboard cutouts. The tissue paper will add a nice glowing effect to your cardboard silhouettes.

Cardboard Yard Signs

cardboard halloween decor

Set a spooky scene in your garden by adding some cardboard yard signs. To make these simply paint cardboard and cut some jagged edges on the sides. Include words like “danger” “keep out” and “beware” to up the fear factor. Then attach the signs to wooden stakes or sticks and decorate your front yard with them.

Boarded Windows

cardboard Halloween decor

cardboard halloween decor

Boarded windows will really up the Halloween ante. This cardboard Halloween decor is easy, just take cardboard, cut the edges to rough it up and paint a wooden colour. Add some details for the wooden grain to really make them pop. Then simply put them up over your windows.

Cardboard Halloween Challenge!

cardboard halloween decor

Do you have some ideas of your own for cardboard Halloween decor? We’re running a challenge on our new Upcycle Your World group on HoneLife, check it out and join in!

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