Mr. Simo makes high quality portable suitcase speakers. Inspired by flea markets in Sacramento, Mr. Simo’s boom cases are highly sought after. These vintage suitcase boom boxes are self powered portable stereo systems that last 10+ hours on a charge. They are compatible with any device with a headphone plug. Mr. Simo’s boom cases are undeniably brilliant, but being hands-on DIY types, you can imagine how excited we were to find a site dedicated to helping you build your own.

upcycled suitcase speakers

portable stereo suitcase

When building your own portable stereo system there are a few things to think about. For instance, Mr. Simo’s boom cases are mainly mono instead of stereo. If you’re looking to build your own suitcase stereo you could take speakers from an old 3 way floor model and put them in a suitcase with an amplifier and power source.

This is perhaps not the easiest DIY but that’s why we were so excited to find the site DIY portable audio which goes into details about key factors such as power sources and amplifiers.

What do you think, is this something worth trying at home? Definitely let us know if you do attempt it!

Check out Mr. Simo’s boom cases here.

3 Thoughts on Boom Cases

  1. I would love to do this but I’m 16 and this is way to complicated for me Is there any other suggestions for something like this but simpler?

  2. I do know how but it would be complicated to explain on here

    • I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me an email to explain it. I would be so happy


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