What would your perfect upcycled bike be? We’ve seen bikes made from bamboo and bikes made from cardboard, but this upcycled bike takes it to the next level. Imagine it, bicycles made from cars.

bicycles made from cars

There are so many reasons to bike: for the fun of it, health and fitness, to save money and cut down on carbon emissions. If you’re serious about saving the environment then biking is a great alternative to driving. That’s why we think this upcycle is so brilliant; it’s not just a beautiful bike but also a clever repurpose of cars. It takes one of the world’s worst carbon emitters and repurposes it into a sustainable method of transportation.

Creative agency Lola Madrid first developed these bicycles made from cars. Lola set out to create the most perfect mode of transportation, specifically the most efficient, healthy and ecological. By using salvaged cars from the junkyard, Lola began the unique project Bicycled. With Bicycled Lola achieves not only a new type of bicycle, but also a return to the historical origins of handmade bicycles. Each Bicycled bike is custom built by several artisans.

bicycles made from cars

The process of making bicycles from cars

Bicycled bikes aim to use as much car waste as possible. The frame is forged from car metals. The transmission belt cut is into strips and turned into the bicycle chain. Turn signals have a new life as reflective safety lights. Car upholstery becomes covering for the seat and handle bars. Even door handles are given a new role as the seat post clamp. Each bike can be made from just one car, or several. All are unique.

bicycles made from cars

The project is still in the works, but if you’re interested you can jump in the queue here to get one of the first.

Check out this video from Lola Madrid showing the process.


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  1. the modern version of beating swords into plowshares!


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