This beer keg grill is super awesome! As we head into summer, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining and back deck BBQs. This sweet beer keg turned grill would be a welcome addition to any party. Check out the story.

Beer Keg grill

This beer keg grill is brilliant. It was made by Coors Light and Acme Apparel. Coors Light is seriously committed to reducing their waste. This past summer they launched a campaign called EveryOneCan. The idea is that everyone, from brewers and bartenders to consumers, can and should practice environmental stewardship.

Coors Light EveryOneCan

As part of the campaign, Coors Light rewarded consumers with coolers bags and umbrellas made from old billboards, and grills made from decommissioned kegs.

Beer Keg grill

These beer keg grills were made from retired/decommissioned kegs.

Beer Keg grill

The process of making them was surprisingly simple. First, the kegs were reinforced with metal rods and then cut in half.

Beer Keg grill

Then the kegs were drilled and buffed and the base of the grill was assembled. Wheels and handles were added, and then everything was welded on. Then the beer keg grill was cleaned up and shipped out. This past year, Coors Light transformed 3,500 retired kegs into grills. This beer keg grill is so awesome. It shows that the benefits of upcycling can come from unlikely places.

Beer Keg Grill

MillerCoors is serious about promoting a circular economy. They understand that every time a beer is picked up, a beer footprint is left behind. That’s why they’ve set out ambitious sustainability commitments for 2025, including going zero waste to landfill at their manufacturing facilities.

Their sustainable brewing practices include:

  • Reducing water use in breweries and agricultural supply chain and restoring water in stressed watersheds
  • Reducing our carbon footprint across our value chain
  • Eliminating waste at all major manufacturing facilities

You can read more about the MillerCoors sustainability commitments here.

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