This bathroom shelf DIY is a simple project with a big impact. It’s the perfect solution for adding a bit of privacy to your bathroom without blocking light. This pallet upcycle also provides some lovely storage options for your bathroom. We love its rustic charm! Read on to find out how to create your own bathroom shelf DIY.

bathroom shelf DIY

This bathroom shelf DIY is nice and simple. To make it you will need:

– A wooden pallet
– Level and straight edge
– Saw
– Sand paper
– Varnish
– Drill with pottery drill bit
– Plant pots
– Twine
– Plants
– Drawer pulls
– Screws
– Shims

How to make a bathroom shelf

First measure your bathtub area to get the correct dimensions for your pallet length. Once you have this, use a level and a straight edge to measure your pallet. Then, if need be, trim your pallet using a saw.

bathroom shelf diy

Next you’ll want to sand, and then seal your pallet with varnish. We recommend using a waterproof varnish. As your pallet dries you can make the succulent plant holders. To do this, drill your plant holders from the outside and then thread your twine through. Knot the twine from the inside of the planter to secure. You can now plant your succulents.

bathroom shelf diy

Once your pallet is completely dry, install it by screwing the baseboard to your bathroom wall.

Then, drill into your pallet and screw in your drawer pulls. You will hang your succulent planters on these.

bathroom shelf diy

Now add your plants to the upcycled bathroom shelf. If you add some shims, you can also store some magazines at the back of the shelf, as shown below.

bathroom shelf diy

Step back and admire your gorgeous new bathroom shelf!

Please do let us know if you create this pallet bathroom shelf for your own home šŸ™‚

Source: Memoirs of a Wannabe Gypsy

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  1. I find that Upcycle That is my new and reliable source for repurposing things never thought of doing. I am proud of your creations…Loveya! Keep it comin ‘


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