There is something so satisfying about upcycled furniture. Between saving a bundle and creating something truly awesome, the process is great. Add to that a legitimately easy to make barstool desk and you’ve got a winning DIY project.

barstool desk

How to make a barstool desk

To make your own barstool desk first find 2 underutilized bar stools. Measure the soon-to-be shelf space at the bottom of the stools. Then, either leave your stools as they are, or feel free to prime and spray paint them any colour you wish. While the stools are drying cut planks for the shelves.  You can ask your local hardware shop to cut the planks to size for you if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself. Then treat the shelves with either the same colour as the stools or stain them to replicate the look above.

When all is dry you can nail your planks onto the stools.

The top used for this desk is a 20×48″ pine panel. Pine panels like these are available in different sizes at your local hardware store. Find the size that will work the best for you. spray paint or stain the top as you see fit. When dry, lay your stools upside down on top of the desk top and screw to attach with 1 3/4″ wood screws.

barstool desk

That’s it, your barstool desk is now complete!

Source: Shabby 2 Chic

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  1. Love it!!

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  3. What if the bar stools have backs?


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