It’s time to get festive! Maybe this year you’re thinking about having an alternative Christmas tree? Want to see the best ideas? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up the top 16 alternative Christmas tree ideas.

The Best Alternative Christmas Tree Roundup

Beer Bottle Tree

Alternative Christmas Trees - Bottle Tree

This beer bottle tree is genius! This alternative Christmas tree is perfect if you love drinking beers that come in green bottles. Just make a frame for your tree and load it up.

Source: Evite

Ornament tree

Alternative Christmas tree - ornament tree

This ornament tree is great for a small space or as a mantle display. It’s easy to recreate this alternative Christmas tree using reclaimed wood.

Source: Remodelaholic

Evergreen Branch Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree

We made this alternative Christmas tree with boughs of evergreen, and fishing tackle. Check out the tutorial for our star here.

Reclaimed Wood Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - reclaimed wood

We love this reclaimed wood tree for the front porch. First make a post and base. Then cut the sides of your reclaimed wood into angles and drill them on. So gorgeous and rustic!

Source: Funky Junk

Tree Shelf

Alternative Christmas Tree - Tree Shelf

This tree shelf is awesome if you don’t have a lot of floor space. We love this alternative Christmas tree idea. The design is so functional. The presents are built right in!

Source: Jaime Costiglio

Ladder Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - ladder Christmas tree

Go a step above with this ladder Christmas tree. All you need to do is open up a ladder and decorate it! This is also a great alternative Christmas tree for those in warmer climates.

Source: Desire Empire

Book Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree

This book tree proves that you can use almost anything to make an alternative Christmas tree.

Source: Shelterness

Here’s another book tree using open books.┬áKeep your eyes out for green books and allow yourself to get creative.

Alternative Christmas Tree

Source: Media Tinker

PVC Pipe Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - PVC pipe tree

This alternative Christmas tree works so well with colourful ornaments. They just pop against the white pvc!

Source: Martha Stewart

Reclaimed Wood – Herringbone Pattern

Alternative Christmas tree - reclaimed wood herringbone pattern

Reclaimed wood trees just make so much sense! We love this one arranged in a herringbone pattern. The holes for the lights are perfection.

Source: Grindstone Design

DemiJohn Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - Demijohn Tree

This is a great alternative Christmas tree idea if you love that fresh evergreen smell. Make your own tree by putting branches in a demijohn.

Source: Enjoy Your Home

Pallet Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - pallet Christmas tree

This pallet Christmas tree is so simple, you leave the pallet as it is and string up lights in the shape of a tree. We think it’s brilliant!

Source: Redhead Can Decorate

Book Page Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - book page tree

This book page Christmas Tree is gorgeous! This is a good reuse for an outdated book that was otherwise heading to the landfill.

Source currently unknown – please let us know if you know the original source

Hanging Branch Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - Hanging Branch Tree

This branch Christmas tree is so easy to make. Just gather some branches and string them up on the wall. Hot glue on your decorations and voila!

Source: Pom Le Bon Homme

Merry Mirror

Alternative Christmas Tree - Merry Mirror

Merry Mirror is a brilliant alternative Christmas tree by artist Michael Johansson. He has assembled green, utilitarian items in the shape of a tree and used a mirror reflection to make it tree-shaped.

Source: Michael Johansson

Branch Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - Branch Tree

This Christmas tree made out of branches is totally next level! Arrange your branches artfully and drill them together.

Source: Kara Rosenlund

Which Alternative Christmas Tree is Your Favourite?



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  1. These are great ideas! For even more, check out my podcast about how to make trees from recycled materials including palette wood, cardboard, metal, wool and plastic bottles! And happy holidays to everyone!


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