This upcycled Kickstarter is all things coffee and all things awesome! If you love coffee then you will love this idea. Brandon and Hannah Weidman are Americans living in Masatepe, Nicaragua. Two years ago they started a small coffee shop there. In the process, they discovered a hidden gem for upcycling, coffee sacks.

All Things Coffee

When the Weidmans opened Beto’s Coffee Company, they went on a search for the best coffee possible. In doing so, they discovered that the coffee industry leaves behind lots of resources that coffee drinkers aren’t aware of. They discovered a huge surplus of burlap coffee bags. These coffee sacks are left over from the export process of Nicaragua’s #1 commodity, coffee.

Coffee Bean Sacks

Coffee sacks that were intended to haul coffee, end up being disposed of and/or burned after rotting in storage facilities beyond their useful shelf life. To Brandon and Hannah, these coffee bean bags have as much potential as coffee beans. They began to dream of what all could be done with this burlap.

All Things Coffee

All Things Coffee

Beto’s Coffee Company is named after Don Beto, a leader in the Masatepe community. Don Beto is an inspiration. Like a lot of Nicaraguans he has lived a hard life, but through hard work and positivity, he has overcome his obstacles.

All Things Coffee - Don Beto

Don Beto has worked as a shoe maker since he was only 12 years old. One day, Brandon asked him if he could make a pair of shoes out of an old coffee sack. These shoes quickly sold in the coffee shop. From shoes, the idea evolved to include purses, wallets, cushions and even a lamp! From this All Things Coffee idea, Beto’s Coffee Company grew from just a few baristas in a small coffee shop, to employing 20 people locally.

All Things Coffee

The Weidmans are now ready to expand the All Things Coffee idea. They want to upgrade their equipment, create a bigger shop and hire more people. They are offering some really unique products and have some awesome perks as part of their Kickstarter campaign. For $55 you can get a pair of shoes made by Don Beto himself, a shoemaker with over 45 years of experience!

All Things Coffee

We also love their $5, Roast Your Own Option – This option includes 8oz of their “green” unroasted coffee beans shipped to you, including instructions on how to roast coffee on your stovetop, using everyday kitchen utensils. Brandon and Hannah tell us once you’ve roasted your own, you’ll never look at coffee the same way again!

Want to support this growing social entrepreneurial idea and get some All Things Coffee products? Back the Kickstarter!

All Things Coffee

One Thought on All Things Coffee

  1. I know the Weidmans and Don Beto, and I have purchased does, boots and coffee from All Things Coffee. I can tell you honestly that everything they make is top notch quality! Where else can you buy a pair of handmade shoes, for under $100? Please consider supporting this very worthwhile project. You will not only be helping the Weidmans, Don Beto and the environment, but a host of local, hard-working Nicaraguans as well.


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