5 Creative Pallet Upcycles

Pallets are super versatile and easy to upcycle. There are lots of awesome DIY pallet furniture projects. Want to make something with a pallet? Get some inspiration as we take a look at 5 of our favourite pallet upcycles.

Pallet Furniture

Private Pallet Cinema

Pallets on pallets! Making this movie room (complete with backboard for your television) is not only easy but a great way to to show off your upcycling skills to friends and family.

What could be cooler than a Private Pallet Cinema?



Pallet Shelving

Rustic and gorgeous are two words that perfectly describe these shelves. And you’ll be surprised at how simple they are to make.

Get inspired to make your own Pallet Shelving




Pallet Table

Handpainted Pallet Coffee Table

Not only does this pallet make a great coffee table but it has a storage section too! All it takes is a little sanding and some paint to transform your pallet.

Find out more about this Handpainted Pallet Coffee Table



Pallet Rack

Pallet Plate Rack

The perfect addition to any rustic or ‘natural’ kitchen? This beautiful plate rack. We love it!

Check out this Pallet Plate Rack




Pallet Daybed

Pallet Daybed

What could be cooler than a pallet daybed that you made with your own two hands? Nothing. So if you have a couple of pallets collecting dust, put them to good use!

Find out how to make your own Pallet Daybed



What’s your favourite pallet upcycle?

8 Thoughts on 5 Creative Pallet Upcycles

  1. all these are great but were do you get the pallets from

    • You can find pallets abandoned by the side of the road or search on your local online classified website to find some to buy.

  2. I love the idea of using pallets to make all kinds of useful and helpful things. Problem is I have to get past hubby who thinks working with pallet timber is too difficult i.e. removing nails, wood not hard/sturdy enough. Any ideas?

    • Hi Anne, I completely understand your husband’s reservation. Pallet wood is of lower quality and trickier to work with. The benefits are that you will save money on wood (timber isn’t cheap!) and once finished your pallets will have a gorgeous rustic look. I think if you offered to help with sanding it would go a long way. The unfinished nature of pallets is probably what makes them initially off-putting. Hope that helps!

      • There are two kinds of pallet – pine or hardwood. The hardwood pallets are beautiful wood and very long lasting, totally worth the effort. They might look rough at first, but are amazing underneath.
        I feel that using newer pallets in good condition defeats the point of upcycling. You see so many pictures of ‘upcycled’ new pallets – all these people have done is basically used new materials because they don’t want dirty looking pallets. Then the people who make the pallets have to go out and cut down more trees … 🙁

  3. I love the idea of upcycling pallets but they are SO heavy!! I wanted to make a coffee table but unless it was on wheels – too heavy to move.

  4. Any store that receives items on a pallet is a good source for pallets. Flooring stores for example, almost everything is heavy (like tile) and must be delivered on a pallet. but then is sold by the box or case instead of the whole pallet. Simply look for a retailer with some pallets near the back, or near the dumpster, make sure you ask before you take them. Some have already made arrangements for others to pick up the pallets. Make sure you do NOT get the painted ones.

  5. Network! Network! Network!! I have been getting free pallets for about a year now in a suburb of Chicago from just putting the word out. And I do everything from birdhouses to tables. Some pallets are completely junk that I use for backing and some of the wood is absolutely stunning that people don’t believe it came from a pallet. Pallet wood is extremely difficult to work with (and nothing is square) but the rewards make it worthwhile.


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